The Incumbent NC Lawmakers Who Lost Their Seats In The Primary Elections

May 7, 2014

At least four North Carolina lawmakers were unseated in Tuesday night’s primary elections.

Representative Robert Brawley, a Republican from Mooresville, was defeated by a business owner and political newcomer. Last year, Brawley publicly criticized state House Speaker Thom Tillis and his bid for the GOP nomination for senate.

Brawley was connected to the Tea Party while his opponent John Fraley describes himself as a business conservative.

In Edgecombe County, Democratic Senator Clark Jenkins lost by almost 10 percentage points to another newcomer, Erica Smith-Ingram. Jenkins was the deputy minority leader and a six-term Democrat. Smith-Ingram is a high school teacher in Franklin City Public Schools.

These nominees will likely be named to the General Assembly because they face no challenger from the opposing party.

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