Updated Wednesday 1/8/14: So, earlier this week, I told you about a little game I play with my husband every January. It involves our grocery money.

We give ourselves a budget, and tell ourselves that, no matter what, we will not go over that amount of money for groceries.

On Sunday (our shopping day) gave ourselves $150 that should last all week for our 3-person family. (Usually we just "try our best" with our shopping, but don't give ourselves a monetary limit.) We spent $60 for our first shop and had $90 left for the rest of the week.

Carol Jackson

We've seen Black Friday turn into the Black Friday Weekend. That has led into Cyber Monday, and then a series of mad dashes for the perfect holiday gift. But, what if there was a better way? Do we really need to spend money to procure a great gift? Here are six ideas for creative holiday gifts without opening your wallet.

1. Resell the books on your bookshelf.