Tax Code

Donald Trump speaks at press conference
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North Carolina Republicans could have a bigger role in the Trump administration's policies than they anticipated.

President Trump recently approached Rep. Mark Meadows, chair of the House's far-right Freedom Caucus, about revamping the tax code. Presidents usually take such matters to the House's Ways and Means Committee in the early stages of the process.

NC General Assembly

State lawmakers in the Senate have tentatively passed a broad tax bill that would continue to make changes to the state’s tax code.

One controversial section in the bill would eliminate certain taxes that municipalities currently levy on businesses. A House version of the bill that has already passed would only scale back- rather than eliminate- those taxes.

Gov. Pat McCrory
NC Governor's Office

Governor Pat McCrory held a press conference today to celebrate a new report suggesting the state's economy is benefiting from tax cuts enacted last year.

The conservative American Legislative Exchange Council's "Rich States, Poor States" report ranks North Carolina sixth in the nation for its economic outlook.

McCrory says lowering corporate income taxes in particular has encouraged companies to move to the state.


While tax day can evoke feelings of anxiety and dread across the country, some North Carolina groups are using today’s deadline to start conversations about tax reform and filing issues in the state.

North Carolina Department of Revenue
North Carolina Department of Revenue

This month, most employees across North Carolina have been asked by their bosses to fill out forms that will dictate how much money the state withholds from every paycheck. Called NC-4 forms, they're the first real sign for many people that the state's tax code is set to change.

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