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11:20 am
Thu October 24, 2013

Lucy Daniels Looks Back On Her Writing Life

Walking With Moonshine
Credit iUniverse, Lucy Daniels

  At 22 years old, Lucy Daniels was a best-selling author and a Guggenheim Award winner.  But she spent five years hospitalized for severe anorexia and the trauma of sudden success led Daniels to stop writing for much of her adult life.  After a 40 year gap, Lucy Daniels took up writing again.  Host Frank Stasio speaks with Daniels, a writer and clinical psychologist, about her newest book, “Walking with Moonshine: My Life in Stories” (iUniverse/ 2013).

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The State of Things
12:43 pm
Tue June 11, 2013

Lionel Shriver Tackles Obesity Through Fiction

Cover of Lionel Shriver's new book, 'Big Brother.'
Credit http://www.npr.org/assets/bakertaylor/covers/manually-added/big-brother_custom.jpg

In her new book, "Big Brother," Lionel Shriver takes on the struggle of obesity through Edison. He is a formerly good looking, charismatic jazz musician who has become hugely obese and down on his luck. His sister takes him on as a project, threatening her marriage and her sanity.

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State of Things
11:20 am
Fri June 1, 2012

The Right-Hand Shore


Writer Christopher Tilghman is known to some as the bard of the borderlands. His short stories and novels, including the much acclaimed “Mason's Retreat," are set on the eastern shore of Maryland. It's a place where water and land meet, where slavery existed north of the Mason-Dixon Line and most of life is a calculation rather than a dream or a conviction.

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