Climate Change

10:00 am
Wed October 5, 2011

Group Says Nuclear Won't Help Climate Change


A Durham-based environmental group warns utility companies are trying to add nuclear capacity without significantly reducing their use of coal power. A report from NC WARN focuses on what they call the "Southeast Five." That includes both Duke Energy and Progress Energy. Jim Warren is executive director of NC WARN.

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5:40 am
Thu April 28, 2011

Less Ice = More Krill = More Whales

Ari Friedlaender with Humpback whale in Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica
Credit Alison Stimpert, University of Hawaii

  Duke scientists are finding record numbers of humpback whales feeding on krill on the Western Antarctic Peninsula. A new report shows scientists observed more than 300 whales in a bay in May 2009. Scientists say a sheet of ice should have prevented whales from feeding on krill by that time of year. But Duke’s Ari Friedlaender says climate change is shortening the winter season and ice is forming slowly. So the krill are exposed for feeding.

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9:35 am
Mon April 19, 2010

Tomorrow's Energy: Energy Efficient

Durham Sustainability Mgr Tobin Freid
Credit Tobin Freid

Leoneda Inge has the story of how communities are working towards energy efficiency.

North Carolina has topped many lists in the past few years.  It's one of the fastest growing states and ranks high for its business climate.  But in energy efficiency, NC is wading somewhere in the middle of the pack nationwide.

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