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5:01 pm
Fri September 20, 2013

U.S. Panel Rules Shrimp Industry Not Harmed By Imports

Fresh shrimp catch at O'Neal's Sea Harvest in Wanchese
Credit Leoneda inge

A governmental panel has ruled that the U.S. shrimp industry isn't being injured by foreign imports. The news is a blow to North Carolina's shrimp industry.

Earlier today, the U.S. International Trade Commission voted four to two that the domestic shrimp industry has not been harmed by imports from China, Ecuador, India, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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4:05 pm
Mon November 21, 2011

Invasive Shrimp Species on the Rise in NC

Asian Tiger Shrimp
Credit James Morris/NOAA

Scientists are keeping a close eye on North Carolina's shrimp population as fishermen see more of an invasive species known as tiger shrimp. Fishermen have reported catching more than 200 this season. That's up from an average of 10 to 20 since 2008. James Morris is an ecologist with NOAA's Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research in Beaufort. He says more tiger shrimp could mean a smaller catch for North Carolina's traditional shrimpers.

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2:24 pm
Mon June 6, 2011

Cold Winter Leads to Low Shrimp Catch

This year's harsh winter has led to a steep decline in North Carolina's shrimp catch. That's according to state wildlife officials, who say cold waters killed the majority of white shrimp in North Carolina water. That species usually spends the winter near the shore and swims out to sea around the beginning of June. Carlyle Gilgo is a seafood dealer in the town of Sealevel near Morehead City. He says he hasn't caught any shrimp yet this year.

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7:23 pm
Fri April 22, 2011

NC Shrimp Catch Down This Spring

White Shrimp
Credit NOAA

  Consumers might notice that there are fewer local shrimp in the market than in other years... that's because fishermen are noticing there are fewer local shrimp in coastal waters.  Shrimpers blame the weather. Bill Rice is a seafood dealer in Carteret County and heads a fishermen's co-op there. He says the absence of white shrimp is probably due to waters that are staying cool this spring.

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