Ways To Listen To WUNC Online

There are several ways to hear WUNC's live stream online or via your favorite devices.

Via our web site

Want to listen to the live radio stream? Look for this button at the top left of any page on this site:

Click it with your cursor and you'll see a choice to initiate the live stream in either good quality mono or higher quality stereo.

Both streams work on a  mobile device too.

Here are the direct links in case you'd like to listen with a media player already installed on your computer:

Mono stream:
Stereo stream:

If you experience any issues listening to WUNC's live stream, please let us know.

Listening to WUNC on iPhone or iPad?

You can easily listen to WUNC on either the WUNC app or NPR News app available via the Apple iTunes store.

Did you download either app  before April 2014? Well, we've made some changes. We recommend that you uninstall the app and then install it again for the best possible performance.

Can I listen via iTunes?

Yes! It's easy. Well, sorta easy. Assuming you have iTunes, open it and and check under General Preferences that Internet Radio is checked to be displayed. (In most instances of iTunes this will be turned off by default!) 

To see the General Preferences dialog in iTunes, Windows users should click on the Edit menu located at the top of the screen (or use Ctrl + ,) and click Preferences. For Mac users, open the iTunes menu and choose Preferences.

For you to find WUNC under iTunes Internet Radio, you need to make sure that Internet Radio is turned on in your General Preferences

  • Click on Internet from inside the iTunes Store. That will provide you with a list of station genres. Make sure you click on Internet (not Radio - that's different)
  • Click on News / Talk Radio and scroll down near the bottom where you will find WUNC.
  • Click on WUNC to start listening.  

This iTunes help page provides more information about listening to Internet Radio and streams by iTunes.

How about Android?

Currently, WUNC does not offer an Android app. There is an old WUNC app available in the Google Play Store, but it no longer supported. However, you can use the NPR News app, the TuneIn app, or dozens of other free radio streaming apps available from the Google Play Store in your device.  We plan to release an updated app in late 2014.

Windows Media Icon
Credit Microsoft

Manually adding the WUNC stream to Windows Media Player, iTunes and other players, t00 

In case you need to add the stream to your stream bookmarks, or if the stream is not playing back for you, here's how to do it:

  1. Launch your Windows Media Player.
  2. Click "File" in the main menu bar. Scroll down and click "Open URL." (You can also use CTRL + U with the player open.)
  3. Type or paste in the field, and click the "Open" or "OK" button. 

Don't use Windows Media?  See this help page about how to launch streams manually via iTunes. You can use the URLs listed above on iTunes, too.

The good news is that these instructions apply for many other clients and devices that play audio streams.  If you can manually edit a stream or put in a "URL", you should use  (or, on some systems  

You can update your streams on desktop Internet Radios. Most radio receivers have a user interface where you can add and edit channels. Here are helps for some of the most popular models:

If you click on any of our "listen" links and you get an error, these can often be solved by clearing your browser's cache.  

If you experience any issues listening to WUNC's live stream, please let us know.