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Steve Dolinsky

Chocolate chip cookies are a quintessentially American treat; A croissant, or maybe a pot de crème, may be the quickest way to sample a taste of France; but food writer Steve Dolinsky is on a quest to discover the most popular, sweet treat up in Canada — and he thinks he's found the answer.

“You go to any bakery, any market, and you're going to see butter tarts," he says. "I mean, every place in Toronto, somebody's got an opinion about butter tarts. They are just all over Ontario.”


As images of devastation and tragedy in Nepal and neighboring countries rattled by a series of quakes since April 25 pour across social media and TV, the natural question for many people is, "What can I do to help?"

REUTERS/Claudia Daut CD

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo visited Cuba last month and, during his visit, signed an agreement that could change the lives of many Americans.

New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute, in partnership with Cuba’s Center for Molecular Immunology, will test out a much-needed lung cancer vaccine called Cimavax, developed in Cuba.

Now that relations between US and Cuba are improving, the US wants to see if it can benefit from the vaccine.

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The "Deflategate" scandal that's consumed NFL fans for months — and landed Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady a four-game suspension — is hardly the first high-profile case of sports cheating. 

"I think cheating is as old as sports itself," says Maurice Schweitzer, who studies the psychology of cheating at the University of Pennsylvania. "Whenever you put people in competition, they are eager to win and they are going to blur the line between what's legal and what's illegal to win at almost all costs."

Afghan rapper escaped teen marriage by singing about it

May 12, 2015

I met Sonita Alizadeh when she flew into town to perform her first US concert. We were talking a walk when she suddenly stopped and stared at a man playing with his two daughters.

“Here in America a dad sets aside time to take his daughters to the park,” she said. “Where I come from, you don’t see that.”