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Marketplace for Tuesday, February 9, 2016

7 hours ago
Eve Troeh

Mardi Gras draws about a million visitors to New Orleans each year. That’s more than double the city’s population. Few spectacles rival the major St. Charles Avenue parades, with crowd lining the streets for miles on each side. It’s all dancing to marching bands and screaming at the floats for trinkets if you’re a spectator.

Workers still not quitting jobs at pre-recession levels

16 hours ago

The monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary has shown slow but steady improvement over the past several years in key measures of labor-market health.

The rate of layoffs returned to pre-recession levels in 2012 and hasn’t risen significantly since then. Levels of job openings and hires have risen steadily since the crash in employment in 2008 and 2009, and both indicators show continuing strength at this stage of the economic recovery.

Building a more diverse faculty

16 hours ago
Amy Scott

Keisha Allen was just about to appear before the entire education department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, to give a talk on her research. Huddled in an office with a faculty mentor, she squeezed in some last-minute practice.

“I want to share two papers that I’ve been working on recently,” Allen said, leaning over her notes.

After she finished, professor Mavis Sanders asked Allen to do it again.

“I don’t think you need this,” Sanders said, snatching the paper from Allen’s hands. “I think you need to just be comfortable with it.”

Keeping Mardis Gras safe for residents of New Orleans

16 hours ago

On today's show, we'll talk about a tough time for tech stocks; Coca-Cola and PepsiCo's hopes that savings at the gas pump will be passed along to their sales; and the challenges facing New Orleans as it attempts to handle the droves of visitors coming to town for Mardi Gras.

Kai Ryssdal

Celebrities...they're just like us.

President Obama did his regular Super Bowl interview last night in which he revealed, stop the presses, that the Wifi in the family quarters in the White House stinks.

Apparently it bugs his kids no end, Michelle Obama, too.

One does wonder, though, whether he couldn't just get a couple of White House Communications Agency people up there to fix it, right?

Jim Fallows and his wife Deb Fallows have been touring the United States by plane for the past three years. They have been stopping in small towns to learn how communities are coming together. It’s a collaboration between Marketplace and The Atlantic called American Futures.

Beyonce's singular business model

Feb 8, 2016
Kim Adams

The figures are in for viewership on the Super Bowl, and Nielsen said the game and all the trappings reached an average of nearly 112 million pairs of eyeballs. Which is a lot, but down, ever so slightly, from the last two years.

Even more tuned in for the half time show, many watching for Beyoncé, who released a new song the day before the game. “Formation” was a surprise gift for fans, free exclusively on her husband’s Jay-Z streaming service, Tidal. The new song and game-day performance was topped off by an announcement of a new world tour.

Fighting poverty one house at a time

Feb 8, 2016
Caitlin Esch

Driving through Allendale County, forests and cotton fields give way to a small town, also called Allendale. Abandoned motels and vacant storefronts line Route 301, reminiscent of better days.

Allendale is the poorest county in South Carolina — a third of all residents live in poverty, according to the Census. So the Obama Administration has named Allendale County a Promise Zone, along with five other counties in rural South Carolina.

That means the region will be prioritized for federal grants and loan packages aimed at reducing poverty.

Record floods in Missouri spur debate over levees

Feb 8, 2016
James M. Rosenbaum

On a particularly chilly afternoon before New Year’s Day, residents of Pacific, Missouri got in their cars and drove to a hilltop park. What they saw was startling: Floodwaters from the Meramec River submerged a big chunk of the city’s residential neighborhoods and an even larger swath of the business district.