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Conventions are go-time for lobbyists and advocates

Jul 28, 2016
D Gorenstein

It's easy to think political conventions are all about the speeches and the pageantry and the sign-waving, but they're also a business opportunity.

A great chance for lobbyists to come and schmooze with decision makers trapped in one convenient location.

Suzanne Ffolkes is Vice President of Communications at Research!America, a nonpartisan group that advocates for medical and scientific research.

The organization lobbies and educates Congress on behalf of academia, patient advocacy groups, research institutions and major companies.

Boeing may retire the 747

Jul 28, 2016

Boeing just released earnings results, and it announced its first quarterly loss in almost seven years. Write-downs related to new planes were responsible for much of that, but then the company slipped another piece of news into a regulatory filing.

Boeing said it may stop making the iconic 747 aircraft. Yes, the original jumbo jet may finally be phased out after 45 years of service. Airlines just aren’t buying it – or any other large plane – like they used to.

A 1969 PanAm ad captured the marvel people felt at the first huge passenger jet.

Marketplace for Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jul 28, 2016
Mark Garrison

Marketplace's Dan Gorenstein follows the story of one public health advocate at the Democratic National Convention who came to lobby for the importance of combating infectious diseases; Hollywood usually casts men in the role of rich and powerful bankers on Wall Street, but the indie film "Equity" which opens Friday, stars a woman in a very different kind of Wall Street story; and why Boeing is considering halting production on the 747. 

Hollywood updates its image of women on Wall Street

Jul 28, 2016
Mark Garrison

There has never been a Wall Street movie quite like the indie thriller “Equity,” which opens July 29 in select cities. Just like “Wall Street” and “American Psycho,” “Equity’s” central character is a successful, powerful and very well-paid banker. But in a groundbreaking departure, this time the banker at the center of the story is a woman. It might mark the beginning of a shift in how women on Wall Street are portrayed in pop culture.

How new CFPB proposals may affect the way debt collectors contact you

Jul 28, 2016
Tony Wagner and Sarah Menendez

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau released new proposed rules today for debt collectors. The government agency estimates a third of consumers, some 70 million Americans, have had a debt in collections.

Critics of debt buying — including John Oliver, who pushed the issue further into the mainstream earlier this year — say the multi-billion-dollar collections industry can be abusive, buying debt on the cheap and harassing people without verifying they actually owe money.