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Video: If you give a kid a laptop

10 hours ago
Marketplace staff

As more schools hand more kids laptops and tablets all sorts of things can happen — many of them unexpected, many of them very expensive, and many of them pretty funny, too.

In this humorous, animated look inside the digital classroom, Marketplace explores the way a simple piece of technology can kick off a snowballing sequence of events for teachers, students, parents, IT departments and just about everyone else who has to get involved if you give a kid a laptop.

Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, May 29, 2015

10 hours ago

Marketplace Tech for Friday, May 29, 2015

10 hours ago

Drunken email wins over Anthony Bourdain

23 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal

Here's a lesson in how not to pitch your business to investors.

Or, maybe, exactly how to pitch your business to investors.

Anthony Bourdain — of all those travel and eating shows that aren't really about eating at all — has invested in food and travel website Roads & Kingdoms.

Jeff Tyler

A recent count by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority found that the number of homeless people in Los Angeles County rose 12 percent in the past two years.  That brings the total homeless population to about 44,000. More striking, the number of people living without shelter — out in the open — doubled.

Joe Robinson

Jacob McLaughlin, a regular at Black Wolf Gamers Club in Spokane Valley, Washington, has been playing "World of Warcraft" for 10 years. He's only 14. He says his cousin and my grandpa got him interested in the game.

Annie Baxter

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, is floating a plan that could help narrow the digital divide. Some Americans are falling behind in the economy due to lack of internet access.

The proposal, still in its embryonic stages, would retool a $1.6 billion program called Lifeline, which offers low-income people a monthly $9.25 discount on their phone bills. The program expansion would let them choose to direct the subsidy towards a monthly internet bill instead.

Marketplace for Thursday, May 28, 2015

23 hours ago

Mark's Story: Homeless in LA

May 28, 2015
Marketplace staff

Mark Aranguri, trained firefighter and father of four, tells his story about being homeless in Los Angeles.

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Director: Rick Kent
Cinematographer and editor: Anton Seim

Who's controlling Sumner Redstone's media empire?

May 28, 2015
Kai Ryssdal, Bridget Bodnar and Alberta Cross

If you were to ask Sumner Redstone about what happens to his media empire when he’s no longer with us, his answer would be simple: he doesn’t plan on leaving. Sumner Redstone intends to live forever.

The story of how Redstone came to take the helm of two media giants, Viacom and CBS, is about as unfathomable as the man himself; he took his father’s movie business and turned it into one of the largest chains in the country. He bought CBS, and then turned around and bought Viacom as well. Now, at 92 years old, Redstone seems to be slowing down.