What Is North Carolina’s Sexiest City?

Mar 27, 2013

Greensboro skyline
Credit Scott Moore, Flickr, Creative Commons

Greensboro may have just gained a new downtown grocery storeand hosted this year's ACC Basketball Tournament, but according to some, it is still lacking in one area: sexiness. A new study from the online travel-dating site MissTravel.com dubs Greensboro as the number one least sexy city in America.

Greensboro Visitors Bureau president Henry Fourrier was not surprised in the least. “I bet you it’s because we are wholesome and everyone is hooked up and already married,” he said. He did not contest the title.

The organization that released the study,  MissTravel , is an online dating site that encourages its members to take trips together. “If you are a beautiful person who wants to travel for free, just signup as a ‘Attractive Traveler’” the website reads. People can also sign up as a "Generous Traveler," and front the bill for an attractive travel partner. Members are invited to browse through the thousands of profiles on the site, select a potential partner, and propose a trip to them.Greensboro was named the least sexy city because members proposed it as a travel destination 170 times, and it was rejected every single time.

While the site  explicitly prohibits escorts, it has received criticism for being a front for prostitution. Founder & CEO Brandon Wade runs two other dating-related websites, SeekingArrangements.com and WhatsYourPrice.com, that have also come under scrutiny. Wade denies that any of his websites permit prostitution, and told the New York Daily News that there is no money exchanged and sex is not discussed on the website at all.

About Greensboro's lowly rank on the sexy city list, Wade says: “Not every destination is an ideal location for falling in love. A lot of factors have to come together to create a quintessential environment for romance, and when it comes to setting, there’s frankly nothing sexy about North Carolina.”

But if sexiness isn’t Greensboro’s thing, perhaps romance is. According to the DVD rental company Redbox, Greensboro rents out more romantic comedies than almost every other city in the U.S. This year, it is second on Redbox’slist of “Most Romantic Cities,” and in 2011 it topped the list for the most romantic comedy rentals.

Tell us what you think is North Carolina's MOST sexy city and why...