Wake Looking At New Student Assignment Plan

Sep 19, 2012

Families in Wake County will soon have to learn the particulars of yet another student assignment plan.

The creators of the proposed new plan hope it will have something for everyone. The idea is to incorporate the best elements of the last two students assignment plans, known as the diversity plan and the choice plan.

Those elements include base school assignments and some options to choose schools. Democrats on the School Board are pushing for the new plan – the third in three years – and hope to have it implemented before next year. They stress that whatever the new plan looks like, parents who are happy with their child’s school can opt to stay at that school. Public information sessions on the new plan were scheuled to start later this month, but the Board delayed them until the plan has more details.

Democrats regained a majority on the School Board last year. Three of the four Republicans on the Wake School Board are currently running for other offices.