Voters Could Decide Fate Of GPAC

Dec 5, 2012

In Greensboro, voters could decide the fate of a proposed downtown performing arts center.

It's not clear yet if residents will in fact get to vote on a proposed $60 million downtown performing arts center. The City Council voted seven to two on Tuesday to pursue a voter bond referendum, and deny the request from a citizen task force for local government to allocate the money. Ross Harris is the project manager of GPAC, the organization working to get the venue built.

Ross Harris: "We understand the budget is $60 million and we expect no deviation from that. So these numbers are very tight. But again, I want to emphasize the longer we wait that harder it is going to be to achieve those numbers."

The task force is scheduled to present financing options for the proposed venue to the city council later this month. A public hearing on the proposal is set for January 15th.