Undefeated: Bobby Bare, Jr. Takes On Love, Breakups And Babies

Apr 22, 2014

There's an honesty in Bobby Bare Jr.'s songwriting. A familiarity. He's a famous son, his dad is country music legend Bobby Bare. Bobby Bare Jr. was nominated for a Grammy award at age 6 for this song, Daddy, What If.

Bobby Bare, Jr.
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Bobby Bare Jr.'s latest album is Undefeated.

Some are calling it his "breakup album," but Bare chuckles when he says, "It's more a 'getting dumped' record than it is a breakup record."

The album details his split from the mother of his youngest child. The two parted ways when the child was three.

"It's horrifying to get up on stage, and then to actually expose something that's real. And you can tell when it's real," Bare says. Even so, expressing true stories in song gives his music an authenticity, something Bare calls "showing the uglies."

"If I can get a roomful of people to laugh along to things that scared me the most, it makes it not so dramatic."

He'd been dumped and was out on a date when the words to the album's second track came to him: "If she cared where I was I wouldn't be here with you right now."

"Don't Stand At The Stove" is about the two different times he found out two different partners were pregnant.  His first partner was standing at the stove in the kitchen, "and she looked over her left shoulder and said 'I'm pregnant, I'm having a baby." That relationship didn't last.

Six or seven years later, Bare's new girlfriend was standing at the very same stove when she looked over her left shoulder and said 'Here's the pregnancy test, I'm having a baby."

Bare says that he loves his kids, and is happy, but even so he wrote the song, "Don't Stand At The Stove."

And how's life with the kids? Let's just say, there's a track titled "My Baby Took My Baby Away."

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