UNC Receives Notice Of Allegations From NCAA

May 22, 2015

Credit William Yeung / Flickr/Creative Commons

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced today it has received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA. It is the second set of allegations UNC has received in the past five years.

The NCAA reopened its examination into academic irregularities at UNC last year. The notice is expected to outline allegations of fraudulent classes taken by student-athletes at the university.

Last fall, Kenneth Wainstein released a separate investigation into UNC's irregular classes. His report found  that over the course of 18 years, more than 3,000 UNC students took bogus classes. Almost half of those students were athletes.

In a joint statement, Chancellor Carol Folt and Director of Athletics Bubba Cunningham said the university is still reviewing the notice before it publicizes any information.

"The University will publicly release the NCAA’s notice as soon as possible. The notice is lengthy and must be prepared for public dissemination to ensure we protect privacy rights as required by federal and state law."