UNC Football Takes Another Hit

Jun 17, 2011

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has released more documents compiled in its investigation into the football program. UNC

Parking tickets on a college campus are as common as frisbee on the quad. Even with that in mind, $13,000 in fines would get anyone’s attention. That’s the amount 11 football players amassed over a three-year period. The players were caught up in last year’s scandal that involved illicit contacts with agents and academic misconduct. UNC had argued the documents were protected by privacy laws; media organizations like WRAL and the Daily Tar Heel countered that the documents were public record. The court sided with the media, and UNC released the documents yesterday. In addition to the parking tickets, they include unredacted phone calls made by athletic director Dick Baddour and football coach Butch Davis. UNC also issued a statement, saying student-athletes receive no special treatment regarding parking tickets. The documents did not show if the fines had been paid.