Triangle Entrepreneurs Report Higher Levels Of Optimism

Feb 3, 2017

Since the end of election season, Triangle entrepreneurs now say they're feeling more optimistic about hiring, sales and capital spending than they did last quarter.
Credit Kristopha Hohn / flickr, Creative Commons

Triangle entrepreneurs are more optimistic about hiring, sales and spending than they were last quarter, according to the Quarterly Outlook of Triangle Entrepreneurs from the N.C. State Entrepreneurship Clinic.

Lewis Sheats directs the clinic and said his organization surveys a cross section of business leaders for the quarterly report.

He said the optimism isn't necessarily tied to President Donald Trump's administration.

“Because the election is over, that uncertainty has disappeared,” he said. “So, there could be something playing into it that because Trump is now the president, some of the policies that seem to be pro-business might be driving some of this optimism, but we don't know that for sure based on this survey.”

If entrepreneurs report continued optimism next quarter, that could indicate a more attractive climate for new businesses and talent in the Triangle, Sheats said.

Sheats said about 90 out of 500 entrepreneurs responded to this first-quarter survey that asked entrepreneurs what they project over the next six months.

“And based on our survey results, they expect sales, capital spending and hiring to increase within their new ventures or their organizations,” he said.