The Treatment Of Mentally Ill Prisoners

Jun 24, 2015

Credit Kate Ter Harr / Flickr Creative Commons


A recent report by Human Rights Watch documents widespread abuse of mentally ill inmates in prisons across America. The abuses include dousing with chemical sprays, being shocked with stun guns and strapping inmates to beds for hours at a time.

  Host Frank Stasio talks with the lead author of the report, Jamie Fellner, about her research. Stasio also speaks with Wallace Kirby, a community organizer advocate for University Legal Services in Washington, DC. Kirby spent much of his life in prison and has received a diagnosis for paranoid schizophrenia. He talks about the abuse he suffered in prison.

Stasio also speaks with Elizabeth Simpson, an attorney with North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, Inc., about mentally ill inmates she has defended in cases of abuse.