Syrian Family Tries To Reunite With Daughter Hindered By Travel Ban

Feb 10, 2017

Abdullah Khadra and his family traveled to Lebanon to see family last fall. Before they could return home, the advance parole for their daughter Muna expired. She is now stuck in Jordan.
Credit Abdullah Khadra

Abdullah Khadra and his family are originally from Syria and currently live in Raleigh on religious worker visas. Last fall, Khadra and his family traveled to Lebanon for a family emergency. But while they were there, the visa expired for Khadra’s three-year old daughter Muna.

Now, Khadra and his wife are struggling to get their daughter on a plane back to the U.S. and they are having difficulty because of President Trump’s executive order.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Khadra about his family’s struggle to bring their daughter back to North Carolina.