Student Assignment Fight Intensifies

Oct 5, 2011

The new student assignment policy in Wake County Schools is now in the hands of the School Board. Superintendent Tony Tata and staff members walked board members through the plan at a meeting yesterday.

If you’re the parent of an elementary school student, the new assignment plan will give you 5 options – and promise you that your child won’t be reassigned against your will. Among those choices will be a high achievement option, a magnet option, and others. How many parents get their first or second options remains to be seen.

Some say the plan will create high-poverty schools, mostly in southeast Raleigh. Others praise the plan for its stability and use of parental choice.

The plan has taken more than 7 months to get to this point – and it’s not done yet. People will get their one and only chance to publicly address school board members next week – two days after board elections. Later this month, the school board will vote on the plan. A new school board will be sworn in in December