The State of Things In 'Public Radio Bracket Madness'

Mar 17, 2014

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The brackets - the competition, the mayhem. It's not basketball, it's the second annual "Public Radio Bracket Madness."

Last year 32 public radio shows competed...50,000 votes were cast. ...

The final four were:

  1. Fresh Air
  2. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!
  3. This American Life
  4. Radio Lab

The final round featured Radio Lab and This American Life.

And...the winner was...

This American Life.

Ira Glass rocks the trophy acceptance
Credit This American Life

>>Here are some funny pictures of Ira Glass opening the trophy box.

And so this year....

Will 99% Invisible edge out Car Talk in the first round of the "West" bracket?

Will it be Radio Lab or the Moth Radio Hour?

And WUNC's own The State of Things is up against DC's The Kojo Nnambdi show in the lower northeast bracket.

Vote online. Get your brackets here. We are not offering a billion dollar prize for  a perfectly completed bracket, though. Sorry.

How cutthroat did things get last year?'s to the Twitter wars to come.

Last year's final brackets for the contest
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