Shaw Names Interim President

Aug 16, 2011

Shaw University is bringing back a familiar administrator to lead the institution as it searches for a new leader.

Shaw University is bustling this week as students return for the fall semester.  But they returned to a school without a president. Irma McClaurin resigned last week after less than one year on the job.  Andrew Tillery is a 23-year-old senior at Shaw.

Andrew Tillery:  "Like, I’m a senior, I’ve been here a little, a long time now. And for 11 months, you know that, you can’t hardly get a bond with a president like that for a school."

Willie Gary is chairman of the Shaw Board of Trustees. He told students and staff Dorothy Yancy will come out of retirement and serve as Shaw’s interim president for up to two years.

Willie Gary:  "Well Dr. Yancy, she thinks it’s interim, but we’d like to think it’s gonna be on a permanent basis."
Yancy served as interim president in 2009.