Senate Lawmakers Postpone Final Vote On Tax Plan

Jun 19, 2013

Senate President Phil Berger
Credit Dave DeWitt

State legislators have delayed a final vote on a bill that seeks to change North Carolina's tax code.

House Bill 998 was on the Senate's calendar today for a final vote, but Senate Leader Phil Berger said that was being postponed.

"I move that House Bill 998 be taken off the calendar today. We are presently talking with members of the House and with the governor about some modifications to that bill, and we are hopeful that we will be able to reach some accommodations," said Berger.

The Senate plan would lower personal and corporate income taxes. A previous plan sponsored by Senator Bob Rucho would have greatly enlarged sales taxes on a wide range of services, but that proposal was scrapped in favor of another that more closely resembles the House's plan. Legislative leaders seem to want to avoid a lengthy conference committee process that would be required if both chamber's bills aren't identical.

Senate leaders say the newer plan will help boost the economy, but critics say it won't accomplish true tax reform because it doesn't make wide changes to the sales tax code.