SELC: Bonner Bridge Lawsuit Will Move Forward

Dec 7, 2013

Credit Southern Environmental Law Center

Despite a public blasting from state and local officials, the Southern Environmental Law Center says it plans to move forward with a lawsuit opposing replacing the Bonner Bridge.

"We have no plans to drop this lawsuit," said Derb Carter, Director the SELC North Carolina offices. "We're filing briefs next week. We are doing everything we can to make sure the case proceeds promptly to a conclusion."

In a letter to Governor Pat McCrory, the SELC blamed the governor and other lawmakers for instigating threats against the group.  Carter tells WUNC they have received  multiple threatening phone calls, though wouldn't offer more detail as to the nature of the calls.

He said they've also received calls in support of the group's mission to stop the planned replacement of the Bonner Bridge to Hatteras Island.  The SELC and other environmental groups want the state to build a much longer bridge out into the sound.

At a stop in Nags head on Friday, McCrory said he'll write the directors of the SELC urging them to drop the suit.  The General Assembly's top two lawmakers also blamed the group for the emergency shutdown earlier this week.