Rucho Resigns From Senate Committee

Jun 13, 2013

Senator Bob Rucho
Credit NC General Assembly

The co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee has resigned from that group to protest changes to his legislative body's tax reform plan.

Senator Bob Rucho submitted his resignation letter to Senate President Phil Berger earlier this week. Rucho was the main architect of a Senate tax reform proposal that would have expanded the sales tax while lowering personal and corporate income tax rates.

But Berger put forth an alternate plan that would repeal corporate taxes without expanding the sales tax base as extensively. Rucho says he was disappointed by the move.

"And by saying you know we don't want to broaden base, we don't want to tax services, we don't want to do all of the parts of the comprehensive tax plan that will make it work, forced Berger into saying well we need to have a compromise bill, and when they did that they basically gutted what comprehensive tax reform is," said Rucho.

The Senate tentatively approved Berger's plan earlier today. Senators plan to take a final vote on the measure on Tuesday.