Report Shows Women Have Advanced

Aug 24, 2012

A new report shows the education and economic status of women in North Carolina has improved dramatically in recent decades.

Leoneda Inge: Preliminary findings in the 2012 “Status of Women in North Carolina” report show women have more Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and graduate degrees than men. Beth Briggs is executive director of the North Carolina Council for Women.

Beth Briggs:  And if you look at the freshman class in a lot of these universities, significantly higher in women, and they’re competitive. So I think that the universities are choosing not based on gender, but based on competition and grades and women are being selected to higher level because their grades are better.

The report also shows full-time, working women across the state make more money now, but they still lag behind men – women make about seven thousand dollars less. And white women still make more money than women in other ethnic groups.