Raleigh Looking At Ways To Share Water Resources With Nearby County

Oct 27, 2014

Raleigh and Johnston County are studying whether they should share the Neuse River as a water source.
Credit bobistraveling / Flickr

The city of Raleigh and Johnston County are considering sharing water resources as both communities prepare for exponential population growth.

The county and the city have asked a water planning firm to evaluate the benefits and feasibility of working together to secure new water sources.

Kenneth Waldroup works in water planning for Raleigh Public Utilities Department. He says Johnston County is situated just down the Neuse River from Raleigh, and it's likely that the municipalities are duplicating planning efforts.

“I think it's very important for the large water providers to start planning and working together. And we are, because water resources, they're not infinite, and they're not easy to develop.”

Waldroup says Raleigh residents are already benefiting from the Jordan Lake Partnership. More than a dozen municipalities – including Cary, Apex, Durham and Pittsboro – coordinated in 2009 to share the lake as a water source.

Waldroup says if Raleigh and Johnston County decide to move forward with a partnership, it could drive down the cost of water for utility customers there.

He says they expect a report from the planning firm next month.