Private Money Considered For Greensboro Schools

Jun 20, 2012

Education leaders in Guilford County are looking at how private donations would affect public schools.

Jeff Tiberii: A group of parents at one Greensboro Elementary School wants to go beyond the average book or bake sale. They’re hoping to raise $1.5 million for a new building. School board members are considering both sides of an issue that would likely provide some schools with more private money than others. Chairman of the board Alan Duncan:

Alan Duncan: Given that it’s a public school system care has to be taken so that there is not a perception of inequity created by the public-private partnerships that one might work toward to better the schools. How do you make sure that that best benefits children across the board in a school system that is a very diverse school system?

Duncan is part of a task force studying how similar partnerships have worked in other parts of the country. It will present findings to the full board by the end of the year.