Price Wants Super PAC Donors Named in Ads

Feb 28, 2012

As the ad wars escalate in the GOP primary race, North Carolina congressman David Price is proposing a requirement that Super PAC donors be identified in the political ads they fund.

The Triangle Democrat says the Supreme Court made a terrible decision in the "Citizens United" case, which allows unlimited corporate and union money to flow into political ads. Price says a new Supreme Court or a constitutional amendment will be needed to overturn that decision.

David Price: In the meantime I have proposed at least that we disclose where the money's coming from, that we require the people running these ads to identify themselves. And in the case of these conglomerate Super PACS, that would mean I believe flashing on the screen or in a trailer on the bottom of the screen the top five donors.

But Price admits the chances of that legislation, or any other, getting through the polarized Congress this year are "not very good."