Political Junkie Ken Rudin Weighs In On North Carolina's House Bill 2

Apr 1, 2016

Credit kenrudinpolitics.com

The backlash against North Carolina's House Bill 2 continues.

Protesters in Chapel Hill shut down Franklin St. this week in opposition of the law that leaves LGBT people out of the state's non-discrimination policy.

Gov. Pat McCrory has taken the lead in defending the law, claiming it protects public safety.

Meanwhile, the chair of the North Carolina Republican Party, Hasan Harnett, says the rift between himself and the state party's leadership could cause chaos in the GOP primary. 

Harnett says he is concerned the party will elect delegates that might not vote for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz - the top candidates in North Carolina's Republican primary - if there is a contested convention. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with Political Junkie Ken Rudin about the week in North Carolina politics.