Orphan Piglets Get New Home

May 27, 2011

The pigs just before auction
Credit Chris Cioffi

  Durham County Animal Shelter officials auctioned off five little pigs today. The young piglets made headlines two months ago after they turned up on interstate forty blocking traffic. The porkers have been living in a converted dog pen at the Durham County Animal Shelter. Lee Sackett of C-J Acres Animal Rescue Farm in Keystone Heights, Florida was the winning bidder. He paid $3,200 for the pigs.

Lee Sackett:  "We just wanted to rescue them all. Prepared to go a lot higher than that, so we're very happy."

The pigs' new home has more than 100 animals spread across 20 acres of land. The pigs will be integrated into the existing herd of swine as they become familiar with their new surroundings.