This, That Or The Other

Mar 17, 2017
Originally published on September 8, 2017 9:51 am

In this week's edition of This, That or the Other, contestants are given the title of a book and must guess if it was written by an FBI agent, an Olympic athlete, or a participant on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

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Coming up, we'll find out if you know your Mark Felt from your Michael Phelps from your Juan Pablo Galavis when we play This, That Or The Other. Let's meet our next two contestants. First up, Gina Gullo on buzzer number one.



EISENBERG: Hi. You're joining us from Lehigh Valley, Pa. And you're working on a dissertation in educational leadership.

GULLO: I am.

EISENBERG: Welcome, welcome. Your opponent is Kris Sunderic on buzzer number two.


EISENBERG: And you're finishing a Ph.D. in bone tissue engineering. Welcome.

KRIS SUNDERIC: Thank you. It's good to be here.

EISENBERG: Remember, Gina and Kris, the first of you who wins two of our games will move on to the final round at the end of the show. Gina, would you rather be on "The Bachelor" or on "The Bachelorette?"

GULLO: I'm going to have to go with "The Bachelorette." I mean, I don't want to be chasing after a guy, so let's have them chase after me.

EISENBERG: Yeah, that's right, a whole bunch of them.

GULLO: Oh, yeah.

EISENBERG: Kris, would you rather be on "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette?"

SUNDERIC: I think I'm very indecisive by nature, so I'm going to have to go with "The Bachelorette" as well.


SUNDERIC: I don't think I can pick a woman every episode. That's just - it's too much to handle.


JONATHAN COULTON: It is a lot of pressure.

EISENBERG: (Laughter) That is. All right. So first, you'll play a guessing game called This, That Or The Other. I'm going to give you a book title, and you just have to guess who wrote it from one of three possibilities. Jonathan Coulton, what are the possibilities?

COULTON: Each book was written by either an FBI agent or an Olympic athlete or a participant on "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette."


EISENBERG: We're going to go back and forth, so no need to buzz in. Let's give it a shot. Here we go. Gina - "Endless Enemies," is that the title of a book of an FBI agent, Olympic athlete or participant on "The Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" - "Endless Enemies?"

GULLO: I know it sounds like an FBI thing, but I'm going to go with Olympic person athlete.

EISENBERG: No, I'm sorry. Kris, can you steal?

SUNDERIC: I'm going to go with FBI agent.

EISENBERG: You got it.


EISENBERG: That's right. You went FBI agent, then you said, no, Olympic, but it was FBI agent. Although, it would be great if it was a bachelor. All right. Kris, "Age Is Just A Number."

SUNDERIC: Olympic athlete.

EISENBERG: Yeah, that's right, Olympic athlete.


EISENBERG: Dara Torres - the first competitive swimmer to represent the U.S. in five sets of Olympic games. On "The Bachelorette," that number, by the way, is 27.


EISENBERG: Gina - "Nobody's Perfect."

GULLO: "The Bachelor" or "Bachelorette."

EISENBERG: (Laughter) Yes, that is correct.

GULLO: Oh, thank God (laughter).

EISENBERG: That was a - by two "Bachelor" contestants. Yeah, they had to get together to write that one.


EISENBERG: Kris, the book is "What Every Body Is Saying."


EISENBERG: That is right. Yeah, it's about how to speed-read people. Gina - "Landing On My Feet."

GULLO: OK. I'm going to go with Olympian.

EISENBERG: You're going to go with correct.




EISENBERG: Kerri Strug - a member of the Magnificent Seven Olympic gymnast team. In 1996, she completed her vault but then had an ankle injury and actually was carried to the podium. But she landed on her feet, and I guess that's all that matters. Kris - "Chocolate Socks."


SUNDERIC: I'm going to go with "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette."

EISENBERG: Well, you got that one. Yeah, that's right.


EISENBERG: It's a children's book about socks made out of chocolate.

GULLO: Children's book.

SUNDERIC: Sounds good.

EISENBERG: It's written by season 12 contestant Holly Durst. According to her website, her two favorite things are chocolate and socks.

COULTON: You know, write what you know.



EISENBERG: All right. These are your last clues. Gina - "For The Right Reasons."

GULLO: "For The Right Reasons" - I hope it's an FBI agent.

EISENBERG: (Laughter) You would hope, yeah, but as we know from recent news, that's not right, is it?


EISENBERG: OK. Kris, can you steal - "For The Right Reasons?"

SUNDERIC: I'm going to go with "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette."

EISENBERG: Yeah. I'm afraid that is correct, yeah.


EISENBERG: It's Sean Lowe, who was often referred to as the virgin bachelor. All right, Kris - "I Didn't Come Here To Make Friends" - FBI agent, Olympic athlete or bachelor or bachelorette contestant.

SUNDERIC: Sounds like a very competitive thing to say. I'm going to go with the Olympic athlete.

EISENBERG: Yeah. You would hope it would be amazing, but that is incorrect. Can you steal, Gina?

GULLO: I'm going to go with "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette."

EISENBERG: Afraid so, that is correct, yeah.


EISENBERG: That was by Courtney Robertson, season 16's villain.

GULLO: There's 16 seasons?

EISENBERG: There's 16 seasons.


EISENBERG: There is more than 16 seasons. Puzzle guru John Chaneski, how did our contestants do?

JOHN CHANESKI: Well, Gina had a nice comeback at the end, but Kris is our winner for this round. He's one step closer to moving on to the final round.


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