North Carolina #4 State in the Nation for Business

Jul 12, 2012

North Carolina is the fourth best state in the country for business, according to a new survey from CNBC.

Asma Khalid: According to the CNBC study, North Carolina performed particularly well in the transportation and workforce categories.  Lew Ebert is the president of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

Lew Ebert: The things that make our state attractive have to do with our ability to develop talent, the investments we're making in infrastructure and growth, and also the things that we're doing to focus on competitiveness - things that make the cost of doing business competitive state-to-state.

Ebert says those three aspects combined with the quality of life here make the state appealing for businesses.   North Carolina has placed in the top 10 every year since the CNBC rankings began six years ago, though it dropped one ranking this year.