No More High-Proof Liquor

Nov 30, 2010

North Carolina's ABC Commission has decided that liquor stores in the state will no longer sell 95% grain alcohol.  The state warehouse currently stocks two 190-proof brands, Everclear and Diesel. A recent study by the Mecklenburg ABC board found that most of its grain liquor is sold at stores near college campuses, where the potent spirits are especially popular.  

State ABC spokeswoman Agnes Stevens says the Commission decided the high-alcohol drinks had no redeeming social value:

"It's really - it's a decision that the Commission has made with regard to concern for public health, and with an eye toward being protective."

Local stores will be allowed to sell their current inventory, but as of tomorrow, they won't be able to restock the products.  Everclear will be replaced by a less potent 151-proof version, while the Diesel brand will disappear from North Carolina shelves altogether.