New Civil War Exhibit In Raleigh

Nov 23, 2012

Civil War artifacts, portraits and flags are part of a new Civil War exhibit on display the North Carolina Museum of History. The exhibit is the second in a three-part series. It commemorates 1863 Civil War battles, weapons and even a mistake. In early May of that year soldiers from the 18th Regiment in this state accidentally shot confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. Curator Jeanne Marie Warzeski.

Jeanne Marie Warzeski: "There was a lot of confusion in the darkness and shouting. One of the majors retorted, it's a damn yankee trick - fire! Jackson was unfortunately hit by three bullets one of which were in his hand the other two were in his arm."

The iconic figure died a week after his arm was amputated. The exhibit has more than a hundred artifacts, ranging from flags to weapons to uniforms. It opened earlier this month and is free to the public.