Nefertiti In A Gas Mask: Street Art In Egypt

Jul 9, 2013

Credit Courtesy Soraya Morayef

Egypt’s walls are filled with stenciled images and art. The graffiti there is haunting and powerful. So much so that Egyptian journalist Soraya Morayef has been photographing the walls and charting the role of graffiti in the political discourse. Morayef has a blog called “Suzee in the City.” Her blog documents her exploration of the graffiti in Cairo - both the art and the artists.

Hear the full conversation at The Story's website. Also in this show: Doria El Kerdany, a professor, has been in Cairo’s Tahrir Square during protests there; Nader Haj Kadour, the artist who was commissioned to paint the portraits of Syria’s ruling family, is watching as a lifetime of work is being destroyed; and a poem about the first day of the Ramadan fast.