N.C. State Researcher Working With Univ. of Maryland On Bridge Sensors

Aug 13, 2012

Teams of scientists from NC State and the University of Maryland are developing new wireless sensors designed to detect structural deficiencies in bridges. They hope the smart technology will help prevent bridge disasters like the one in Minneapolis 5 years ago that claimed the lives of 13 people. Lead scientist Mehdi Kalantari is a research engineer from U-M-D. He says the sensors are durable and are built to withstand harsh conditions...

Mehdi Kalantari: Sensing things ranging from an indication of load that is being carried bya a bridge..as wellas other quantities such as vibration, tilt, inclination, deformation, temperature, humidity, displacement and monitoring status of cracks

Kalantari says the sensors are cost-effective and easy to install -- on bridges now and old. They send data to a server that crunches the numbers and, in turn, sends the information back to authorities in the form of a text message or email alert.