NC Shrimp Catch Down This Spring

Apr 22, 2011

White Shrimp
Credit NOAA

  Consumers might notice that there are fewer local shrimp in the market than in other years... that's because fishermen are noticing there are fewer local shrimp in coastal waters.  Shrimpers blame the weather. Bill Rice is a seafood dealer in Carteret County and heads a fishermen's co-op there. He says the absence of white shrimp is probably due to waters that are staying cool this spring.

Bill Rice: "We had a very early winter and it lasted probably longer than usual, it February was one the coldest month on record, and it's my understanding is that shrimp needs around 70° water to really become active and start growing and start feeding."

There are two other species of shrimp that are fished out of North Carolina waters, but they're caught in warmer summer months.