NC Candidates Still On RNC Schedule

Aug 28, 2012

The Republican National Convention starts today, after being postponed a day due to Tropical Storm Isaac. And although it may be overshadowed in this state by the Democratic Convention next week in Charlotte, it will still have a slight Tar Heel flavor.

Dave DeWitt: Three of the ten candidates for Congress who are expected to speak at the Republican Convention are from North Carolina.

Mark Meadows is one of them. He's running in the 11th district.

Mark Meadows: The speech that I prepared is really more about reclaiming America and being proud of what America is all about and the fact that we need to take back our country and hopefully being able to convey that in a passionate and persuasive way.
Meadows is running against Democrat Hayden Rogers. The winner will replace democrat Heath Shuler.

Two other Republican Congressional candidates from the state are expected to speak. David Rouzer is a candidate for the 7th district; Richard Hudson is running for Congress in North Carolina's 8th district.