Nationwide, NC Has Highest Number Of Ads Funded By Special Interest

May 1, 2014

A new study on campaign spending shows that special interest groups have paid for 90 percent of television ads aired in the U.S. Senate race in this state.

A Wesleyan Media Project analysis in partnership with the Center for Responsive Politics reveals that North Carolina has the highest number of ads in the country paid for by special interest groups. Almost 15,000 TV spots have aired at a cost of 6.36 million dollars in the race for the U.S. Senate, which has a competitive Republican primary.

Across the country, 59 percent of ads aired in U.S. Senate races were sponsored by interest groups that do not disclose their donors. The majority of the ads favoring Republican Senate candidates were aired by outside groups, while almost half of the TVspots for Democratic candidates were from outside groups.