A Mystery of a People

Feb 14, 2012

Who are the Melungeons? DNA testing, numerous books, websites and a documentary film have cropped up recently to explore the cultural heritage of this loosely connected group of people.
Credit www.melungeonvoices.com

Questions of racial identity and cultural heritage have long surrounded a group of Appalachians called the Melungeons. In recent years, curiosities have been piqued about this loosely connected group of people, spawning DNA testing, numerous books, Web sites and a documentary film. Guest host Isaac-Davy Aronson talks with K. Paul Johnson, corresponding secretary for the Melungeon Heritage Association; and Julie Williams Dixon, a Raleigh-based writer and director of the film "Melungeon Voices."

This program originally aired on July 28. 2011. For alink to the audio, click here.