My Journey Three Miles Under The Sea

Aug 14, 2013

Anemones and shrimp at a hot water vent
Credit NERC

Dr. Jon Copley has been studying life forms deep in the oceans for years. But he’s made most of his expeditions using machines operated from above the surface. This summer, he dove in the first manned mission to the deepest known hot water vents, located in the Cayman Trough in the Caribbean Sea. He tells guest host Sean Cole that, even though the purpose of the expedition was to study life near the vents, he was captivated by what he saw on his way down – and back up.

Also in this show: a whale washes up on the shore of Lubec, Maine, and people have different theories about the meaning of its arrival – and how to get rid of it; and author Jeanine Cummins reads from her novel The Crooked Branch.