Movies On The Radio: Best And Worst Of 2014

Jan 15, 2015


Credit Prayitno / Flickr Creative Commons

The Oscar nominations were announced earlier today with Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel topping the list with nine nominations each.  As the stars prepare to hit the red carpet, listeners take a look back at the best and worst films of 2014.

From Boyhood to Interstellar, Host Frank Stasio talks with North Carolina Museum of Art film curator Laura Boyes and North Carolina State University film professor Marsha Gordon.

Boyhood was a listener favorite in 2014. Listener Ferdinand Stout was impressed with the "huge risk in making it," and said the movie reminded him of moments from his own life.

The Summer Blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy was a favorite of listener Ryan Sailstad, because he is "a long time reader of the comic[book]" and his "love [for] 70's music helped."