Mobile Emergency Alert Technology

Sep 14, 2012

Raleigh TV station WRAL is working on technology that would get emergency messages to you -- wherever you are.

Gurnal Scott: You're familiar with the Emergency Alert System messages on TV and radio.

EAS Test: This is only a test.

WRAL says mobile EAS messages can be sent to hand-held devices with a chip that can pick up TV signals. Steve Hammel is the station's Vice President and General manager.

Steve Hammel: During a live television broadcast, if there is an emergency..let's say a hurricane warning..that information will come up on your phone or device and you can be interactive with that.

Tabs will appear that show you the best evacuation route..or where power is out. But, Hammel says don't expect messages on TV and radio to go away.

Hammel: I don't believe this would ever replace it, but this would be a very appropriate supplement to it.

Hammel says the technology must still get government approval.