Meet NC Budget Director Art Pope

Jun 9, 2014

Host Frank Stasio and NC Budget Director Art Pope
Credit Anita Rao / WUNC

In 2012, Governor Pat McCrory selected Art Pope to serve as the state’s budget director.

Pope has a long history in North Carolina politics and government. The attorney and businessman served in the legislature before launching several charitable organizations and think tanks centered on libertarian principles.

The North Carolina native has become an increasingly influential and controversial figure in the state.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Pope about his life, career and politics.

Pope helped write Gov. Pat McCrory's proposed budget adjustments, which were released in May. The state Senate passed its own proposal later that month.

A breakdown of independent spending in the 2010 elections for the North Carolina General Assembly shows Real Jobs North Carolina, Civitas Action, and Americans for Prosperity accounted for 72 percent of contributions from independent donors that year.

Clarification: Real Jobs North Carolina, Civitas Action and Americans for Prosperity were three of the top four independent spenders in the 2010 North Carolina General Assembly elections. 

A transcript of the conversation is available here.