Meeker Won't Seek Re-election

Apr 26, 2011

Charles Meeker

  Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker will not seek another term in office this fall. He made the announcement earlier today. 

Charles Meeker is known for staying very calm under pressure and not letting his emotions get the best of him. This morning, though, he cracked a little when talking about the success of his pet project - the opening of Fayetteville Street.

Charles Meeker: "You know Fayetteville Street was really tough in terms of the close votes and all the criticism that people downtown had about the construction. But when the old Convention Center was taken down and I could see that great view, that really got my attention. Anyway, that was a very good moment."

Meeker acknowledged he will likely be remembered for revitalizing downtown. That effort includes a new convention center and more than $2 billion in private investment. Meeker served ten years as mayor. He says he will return to working full-time as an attorney and not seek another public office.