McCrory's "Rick Perry" Moment?

Jul 26, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory
Credit NC Governor's office

Here’s a little frivolity to end the long week in Raleigh…

At his press conference on Friday to speak to reporters about the many bills that have arrived on his desk, Governor Pat McCrory had a bit of a Rick Perry moment.

One of his favorite talking points – first stated in his State of The State speech – is that he has three major priorities as Governor: Economy, Education, and Efficiency.

“The Three E’s,” he calls it.

On Friday, that was one too many “E’s” to remember.

In discussing the state budget that was just passed, he said the following (to get the full impact, listen above): “…And that’s what we wanted to work on, vocational training in the State Personnel Act, strategic mobility formula, all had to do with job efficiency. The Three E’s, efficiency of government, education, and… um… education.”

Everyone has these kinds of moments. Not always in front of TV cameras and open mics and while reciting our most important priorities as the leader of the state of North Carolina, but it's been a long week.