The Lone Bellow

Nov 14, 2014

The Lone Bellow is a band is born from tragedy with songs told with heart and simplicity. 

The Lone Bellow dropped by WUNC to play The State of Things.

The former Southerners are living in New York and making what reviewers call Brooklyn Country Music. Their self-titled debut album in 2013 was a hit both with traditional country music audiences and many in the indie music scene. 

The Lone Bellow performing in the WUNC Studios with Frank Stasio listening.
Credit Hady Mawajdeh

Host Frank Stasio talks with The Lone Bellow about their origins and they perform new music from their forthcoming album Then Came The Morning. The Lone Bellow is Zach Williams singing lead vocals and playing acoustic guitar, Kanene Pipkin on bass and backup vocals, Brian Elmquist on electric guitar and singing backup, Jason Pipkin on keyboard, and Spencer Cohen on drums.