State of Things
12:24 pm
Fri January 20, 2012

¡Las Luchadoras de Durham!

¡Las Luchadoras de Durham!

Areli Barrera is a 26-year-old graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she still hosts a radio program on the campus station, WXYZ. But this weekend, she will be transformed into La Sirenita de Tiajuana (The Little Mermaid of Tiajuana), the nickname she’ll go by in the ring when she wrestles at Luchadoras 2. That’s an event designed in the tradition of lucha libre, Mexico’s popular freestyle wrestling matches. On Saturday in Durham, Barrera and other amateur female wrestlers will battle it out with breathtaking maneuvers to entertain the audience and to raise awareness about the NC Dream Team, an organization that advocates on behalf of undocumented immigrants.

Barrera and NC Dream Team member Alicia Torres join host Frank Stasio to talk about bringing an important part of Mexico’s culture to North Carolina.

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