Joshua Starmer's 'Song Of The Month' Is A Cool Collection

Mar 7, 2014

Joshua Starmer
Credit Carol Bales

Joshua Starmer is a songwriter, a singer and a cellist. He can play just about anything, we suppose. At the end of 2012, he decided to spend 2013 writing and recording a song a month.

"It almost derailed every month. The very first month was make or break it. I was working on a song I thought was really good until January 28." Then Starmer, notes, he decided that song was about the worst he'd ever heard, and he scrambled to write something else.

The result is a remarkable collection.

"Each month I'd send a song out to everyone I knew basically and they would write back," Starmer says. It surprised him that the responses came with a story. Each new song, family and friends would give advice over e-mail. "These songs were about people who were listening to them," Starmer says

Listen to his conversation with Eric Hodge. You'll get a good sense of the range of the collection: