Jordan Lake Cleanup Clears Tons of Garbage

Sep 29, 2011

A clean-up is underway along the shoreline of Jordan Lake. Corporate sponsors are picking up propane tanks, bottles and cans near the southern end of the lake where the Haw River brings in debris from storm water runoff. Fran DiGiano is the president of the group Clean Jordan Lake. He says volunteers will try to finish the job this weekend.

Fran DiGiano: "In total from that area we have taken out 1300 tires and 2000 bags of trash, which is, its hard to believe that there's that much there and its quite an accomplishment. These volunteers work very hard. So for us to make two miles in an event is quite a long distance and we hope to finish this whole stretch with this effort on Saturday."
DiGiano says a volunteer fleet of boats will help remove trash from areas that can't be reached on foot.